Pesmi in proza dijakov

Avtorica: Špela Rihter


don’t wait

until her apartment door slams

until the rain starts falling

that will drown out your voice

shouting her name

don’t wait

until the moon comes onto the sky

lighting up her face on the balcony

smoking a cigarette wishing she’d give up the bad habit

just like she gave you up

don’t wait

to write that love song for her

her mixtapes in the car

are already sad enough



“Quit over thinking.”

I’m not

No one usually wants to talk to me

About the things that matter

The things that bother my mind

I’m the only one ever listening

Not overthinking

Just a really stressing

Overblown conversation

With myself

By myself




i’d ask you to pray for me

 if I didn’t know

 it’d fall on deaf ears.


I have burns on my

hands from being careless when

I think of your smile.


I must look tired

numerous randoms said so

truth be told – I am


On the edge with you

Looking to the other side

For courage to stay



The sky is getting darker,

just like my mind.

My apartment is cold,

just like a tomb.

There’s no escape from reality.

In my veins the blood flows poorly,

still there’s a storm inside me.

Just like a half dead,

I’m waiting for something,

anything, nothing and




buried under blankets

you can find my deepest regrets

pressed against the mattress

suppressed secrets

come out to play at 2AM

taunting my mind

restless nights with

starving eyes – sleep deprived

i lay awake hoping the night lets me rest


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