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Basic Information

School for Service Industries – a school to suit its students

The School for Service Industries with many years of educational experience in the fields of tourism, gastronomy, economy and commerce is very proud of its students’ success. The school is known for maintaining a nice atmosphere for students and their parents. Our main goal is a happy and successful student. Our aims are fundamental values of contemporary school, we take care of every student and we keep up with their progress and give them equal possibilities of education and gaining knowledge, we nourish tolerant and respectful behaviour and take part in our region’s activities and are ready to become a part of the international world. In the future we will strive to maintain a creative teamwork and committed communication with both parents and students for the latter to pursue their dreams with joy and curiosity and proudly tread the paths of life. We will ensure a pleasant and safe middle school education to all who will join us. The motto that has accompanied us in all the years of our existence is also our guidance for the future: The School for Service Industries – a school to suit its students!

Helena Zupanc, headmistress School for Service Industries


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